Bolet Consulting is a young, independent, privately owned consulting company, specializing in software interfaces for various kinds of applications - in business, office, leisure and education. If you need to connect two systems between them via a new interface, or if you want to provide a User Interface, graphical, web or text, to your server application and data, Bolet Consulting is the right place for you. Bolet Consulting specializes in open source solutions but may assist you with any kind of product in the area of its expertise. Learn more about it in the services and technologies sections.

Located in central Israel, Bolet Consulting provides its services around all the country, and abroad as well, especially via remote connectivity. Bolet Consulting is headed by Roman M. Parparov, an expert in development of information technology in various business areas. For additional information about our services, please contact us.

Bolet Consulting has successfully performed services of content management, site deployment, web site optimization and web service development for companies and educational institutions. Bolet Consulting also has supplied advanced solutions for Linux/Unix system administration.